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Professorship for International/Comparative Political Economy (with consideration of Feminist Economy).
Scharnhorststr. 100
48151 Münster

Institute for Political Science


Prof. Brigitte Young Ph.D.


  • The Privatization of the State (contract with Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming 2007).
  • The Political Economy of Trade in Services (GATS). Gender in EU and China. Baden-Baden: Nomos (2007). [Publisher; Amazon-order information]
  • Christopher Flavin/Brigitte Young/Christoph Scherrer/Klaus Zwickel u.a. Global Governance. Gewerkschaften und NGOs - Akteure für Gerechtigkeit und Solidarität (Global Governance. Labor Unions and NGOs – Actors for Justice and Solidarity), Hamburg: VSA, 2002.
  • Rita Mae Kelly, Jane H. Bayes, Mary Hawkesworth, Brigitte Young (eds.), Gender, Globalization and Democratization, Lanham/MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publ., 2001.
    Translated into Rumanian:
    Gen, Globalizare, Si Democratizare, Bucharest: Editura Polirom (2004).
  • Triumph of the Fatherland: German Unification and the Marginalization of Women, Ann Arbor/MI: The University of Michigan Press, 1999.
  • Prospects for Soviet Grain Production, Boulder/CO: Westview Press, 1983.


  • Report (with Hella Hoppe): Gender Agenda in the WTO. The Doha Development Round, Gender
    and Social Reproduction, for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin, 31. March 2003: 1-44.
  • Diane Elson/Brigitte Young, Gender Equality Through Gender Budgeting, Berlin: Heinrich Boell Foundation, October 2002.
  • Final Report of the Enquete-Commission of the German Parliament, “Globalization of the World Economy – Challenges and Answers, June 2002.
  • Guest-editor of femina politica, Engendering Macroeconomics, 11, Issue 1/2002.
  • Interim Report of the Enquete-Commission of the German Parliament,
    „Globalization of the World Economy - Challenges and Answers”, 14/6910, September 13, 2001.
  • Co-editor with Profs. Elmar Altvater, Barbara Riedmüller, Peter Steinbach and Martin Jänicke, Berliner Studien zur Politikwissenschaft (Berlin Studies in Political Science), Published Series at the Otto-Suhr-Institute of the Free University Berlin, Berlin: LIT Publisher (published twice a year) 1998-2000.
  • Guest-editor, Prokla, Special Issue: Globalization and Gender, June 1998.
  • Co-editor with Elke Biester, Brigitte Geißel, Sabine Lang, Birgit Sauer and Petra Schäfter, Staat aus Feministischer Sicht (The State from a Feminist Perspective), Berlin: Working Group "Politics and Gender," German Association for Political Science (DVPW), 1992.


3a. Articles in Books/Journals


  • The European Central Bank, Monetary Policy, and the Nordic Welfare Model. in: Anna G. Jónasdòttir and Kathleen B. Jones, Political Interests of Gender: Redoing Theory and Politics with a Feminist Face (Manchester: Manchester University Press, forthcoming). (Reprinted from International Feminist Journal of Politics, 4:3, December 2002: 295-314) (forthcoming).
  • Risk Paradoxes of the New World Economic Order in: Peter Imbusch, Justice – Democracy –
    Peace, Baden-Baden: Nomos (forthcoming).
  • Developing Countries between Globalisation and Regionalisation: Liberalization of Financial
    Services (GATS) as a ‘Public Bad’? in: Mary Farrell (ed.). Regional Public Goods: the Case for Regional Cooperation, Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).


  • Shaping Globalization Genderfriendly, in: Online Akademie, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, ( (2006).
  • Two Conflicting Paradigms to Global Development: Rights-based vs. Neoliberal Approaches, in: Stephan Albrecht/Reiner Braun/Thomas Held (eds.), Thinking Beyond Einstein. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang (2006), S. 431-438.
  • Financial Crises and their Effects on Local Governance Structures – Asia, Argentine and Brazil, in: Ursula Filipic (ed.)., Neoliberalism and Globalization, Vienna: Arbeiterkammer (2006), S. 51-62.
  • Gender(In)Equality and the Opening of Global Markets, in: Ursula Degener, Beate Rosenzweig (eds.); Renegotiating Social Justice (Die Neuverhandlung sozialer Gerechtigkeit), Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006: 151-164.
  • Inequality as Global Risk. In: Hope Europe. Strategy for Togetherness. Hamburg: Global Marshall Plan Foundation, 2006: 239-244.
  • Internationalization, Europeization and Virtualization of Higher Education: Intercultural Challenges,In: Georg Simonis and Thomas Walter, LearningPlace University: Changes Through
    Internationalization and Multimedia, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, 2006: 253-279.
  • Engendering the German Parliamentary Commission Report on “Globalization of the World
    Economy”, in: Edith Kuiper and Drucilla Barker (eds.), Feminist Economics and the World Bank, New York: Routledge. 2006: 232-242.
  • “Economic Discrimination is a Waste of Human Capital”, in: FrauenRat, Berlin German Frauenrat, 1/2006: 12-13.


  • Contradictions between the European Macro-Economy and Gender Mainstreaming. Unresolvable Contradictions? In: Annette Juenemann/Carmen Klement (eds.,) The Policy of Gender Equality in the European Union. Baden-Baden: Nomos. pp. 27-45.
  • Globalization and Shifting Gender Governance Order(s), in: Journal für Sozialwissenschaften und ihre Didaktik (JSD); 2/2005 (
  • Shareholder Value, in: Scientific Board of ATTAC, ABC of Globalisation. From Age Insurance to Civil Society, Hamburg: VSA., 166-167.
  • Financial Crises and its Impacts on local Governance Structures: Asia, Argentine and Brasil, in:
    Sozialismus, No. 6/2005: 46-53.


  • Globalisation as Politics of Poverty, in: Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy, Year Book 03/04, Frankfurt, 187-194.
  • USA Today – Self Conception and Politics, Discussion with Prof. Norman Birnbaum Georgetown
    University, in: Osnabrueck Yearbook, Foreign Policy between War and Peace, Peace and Science 11:2004: 33-46.
  • The Straight-Jacket of the European Central Bank und Gender Budgets, in: Luise Gubitzer and Birgit Trukeschitz, Women and Budgets, Series No. 15, Women, Science and the Economy, Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 137-153.
  • with Hella Hoppe
    Globalization from the Perspective of Feminist Macroeconomics, in: Ruth Becker, Beate Kortendiek (eds.), Encyclopedia of Women- and Genderstudies, Theory, Methods, Empirical Methods. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, 485-493.
  • Globalization as “External Shock”? The EU as Strategic Site of Neoliberal Globalization, in:
    Forum Wissenschaft, No. 1, 6-10.
  • Gender Perspective of Capital Flows and its Economic Consequences, In: World Economy,
    Ecology and Development (WEED), Debt Report 2004, 38-41.
  • Challenges for Human Security in Times of Transnational Politics, in: From the Powerlessness
    of Power. Our Responsibility for Tomorrow, in: GLOBArt Academy 2003. Vienna/New York: Springer (2004): 83-89.
  • To reconquer the Future. A new protest culture as answer to the failure of politics? In: Research & Teaching, 8/2004: 420-421.
  • Can International Institutions of the World Economic System be Reformed? In: Adelheid Biesecker, Martin Buescher, Thomas Sauer, Eckhard Stratmann-Mertens (eds.,) Alternative World Economic Order. Perspectives after Cancun. Hamburg: VSA ), 133-146.
  • The Contradictions within Globalization, in: Christa Randzio-Plath (ed.), Women and Globalization, Gender Justice in the Third World. Bonn: Dietz, 18-24.


  • Financial Crises and Social Reproduction: Asia, Argentina and Brazil, in: Isabella Bakker and
    Stephen Gill (eds.), Power, Production and Social Reproduction, Hampshire/New York: Palgrave
    Macmillan, 103-123.
  • Liberalization of Financial Services in the EU and the WTO, in: Achim Brunnengräber (ed.)., Global Public Goods under Pressure from Privatization. Commemorative Volume for Elmar Altvater. Muenster: Westfaelisches Dampfboot, 58-84.
  • with Siegfried Gehrmann/Markus Kerkmann
    Intercultural Learning in Virtual Space. Opportunities and Problems in Cross-border Distance Learning Teaching, in: Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 1/2003; 167-189.
  • Economic and Monetary Union, employment and gender politics: feminist constructivist analysis of neo-liberal labour-market restructuring in Europe, in: Henk Overbeek (ed.), The Political Economy of European Employment. European integration and the transnationalization of the (un)employment question. London and New York: Routledge/Ripe, 99-112.
  • It’s the economy, stupid! In: Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik 6/2003: 703-704.
  • with Simon Hegelich
    Shareholder Capitalism and the Casino Game in Financial Markets (Shareholder Kapitalismus and das Casino Spiel an den Aktienbörsen) in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 2003/1: 77-96.


  • On Collision Course: The European Central Bank, Monetary Policy, and the Nordic Welfare Model, in: International Feminist Journal of Politics, 4:3 December 2002: 295-314.
  • State Budgets that are Gender Equal, in: Diane Elson and Brigitte Young, Gender Justice through Gender Budgeting? Berlin: Heinrich Boell Foundation, October 2002: 5-9.
  • Against the Homo Oeconomicus. For an alternative Macroeconomy, online publication:, Federal Center for Political Education in Cooperation with Arte and ZDF, July 16, 2002.
  • Entwicklungsfinanzierung, Finanzkrisen in Asien und die “Feminisierung der Menschlichen
    Sicherheit” (Financing for Development, Financial Crisis in Asia, and the Feminization of
    Human Security), in: femina politica, 11, 1/2002: 38-48.
  • It’s Fair? It’s Good? About the Role of the IMF and the World Bank (It’s Fair? It’s Good? Über die Rolle von IWF und Weltbank), in: Christopher Flavin/Brigitte Young/Christoph Scherrer/Klaus Zwickel u.a. Global Governance. Labor Unions and NGOs. Actors for Justice and Solidarity, Hamburg: VSA, 2002: 33-43.

  • “Engendering” of the European Finance Politics in the European Economic and Monetary Union (Engendering der Europäischen Finanzpolitik in der EWU), in: femina politica, Issue 2/2001: 105-115.
  • with Simon Hegelich
    After September 11: The New World Order remains much the same as it was (Neue Weltordnung: Nach dem 11. September bleibt vieles, wie es war), PROKLA 125 (December 2001): 523-539.
  • Genderdemocratic Governance of Monetary Politics in the European Monetary Union (Genderdemokratische Governance der Finanzpolitik in der Europäischen Währungsunion, in: Zeitschrift für Frauenforschung Geschlechterstudien, Issue 1 and 2, 2001: 79-91.
  • Genderdemocracy for the Economically Privileged. Cross-border circuits in the Politics of Migrants (Geschlechterdemokratie für Wertschöpfungsstarke. Grenzziehungen in der Migrantinnenpolitik, in: Forum Wissenschaft, No. 2, April 2001: 38-41.
  • The ”Mistress” and the ”Maid” in the New Globalized Economy, in: Socialist Register 2001, Working Classes: Global Realities, Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (eds)., London: Merlin Press, 2001: 264-276.
  • Globalization and Gender: A European Perspective, in: Rita Mae Kelly, Jane H. Bayes, Mary Hawkesworth, Brigitte Young, Gender, Globalization and Democratization, Lanham/MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publ., 2001: 27-48.
  • with Katrin Töns
    Gender-Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy: The case of Germany, in: Ute Behning and Amparo Serrano Pascual, Gender-Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), 2001: 129-156.
    Translated into French: Le cas de l’Allemagne, in: L’approche intégrée du genre dans la stratégie européenne pour l’emploi. Sous la direction de Ute Behning et Amparao Serrano Pascual, Paris : L’Harmattan 2001 : 163-197.
    Translated into Japanese:
    Gender Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy, Japanese Publisher: Akashi Shoten Co., Ltd. 2004: 165-180.


  • Disciplinary Neo-Liberalism in the European Union and Gender Politics, in: New Political Economy, Volume 5, No. 1, March 2000: 77-98.
    Translated into German:
    Geschlechterpolitik und disziplinierender Neoliberalismus in der Europäischen Union, in: Hans-Jürgen Bieling/Jochen Steinhilber (eds.), Die Konfiguration Europas. Dimensionen einer kritischen Integrationstheorie. Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, 2000: 131-161.
  • Genderregime und Staat in der globalen Netzwerk-Ökonomie (Genderregime and the State in the Global Network-economy), in: Katrin Braun, Gesine Fuchs, Christiane Lemke, Katrin Töns, Feministische Perspektiven der Politikwissenschaft (Feminist Perspectives of Political Science), Lehr- und Handbücher der Politikwissenschaft, München/Wien: Oldenburg Verlag, 2000: 388-413 (reprint PROKLA 111, 1998).

  • Die Herrin und die Magd. Globalisierung und die Re-Konstruktion von ‘class, gender und race’ (The Mistress and the Maid. Globalization and the reconstruction of class, gender and race), in: Widerspruch, 38, 1999: 47-59.
  • Global Capitalism Without a Global Citizenry, in: Working Papers in Social Justice and Democracy, 1999.
  • Hat die Globalisierung ein Geschlecht? (Is Globalization Gendered?), in: BUKO - Special Issue Global Economy, June 1999: 13-15.

  • Editorial: Globalisierung und Gender (Globalization and Gender), in: Prokla 111, June 1998: 168-173.
  • Genderregime und Staat in der globalen Netzwerk-Ökonomie (Gender regimes and the State in the Global Network Economy), in: Prokla 111, June 1998: 175-198.
  • The Strong German State and the Weak Feminist Movements, in: German Politics, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1998: 128-150.
  • Globalisierung: Betrachtung von Unten (Globalization: A View from Below), in: Xanthippe, June 1998: 10-13.
  • Globalisierung und Genderregime (Globalization and Gender Regimes), in: Regina Stötzel (ed.), Ungleichheit als Projekt. Globalisierung - Standort - Neoliberalismus, (Inequality as a Project. Globalization - Location - Neoliberalism), Forum Wissenschaft Studien Band 43, BdWi-Verlag, 1998: 77-88.


  • Politik und Ökonomie im Kontext von Globalisierung. Eine Geschlechterkritik (Politics and Economics in the Context of Globalization. A Gender Critique), in: PVS-Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Special Issue 28, Eva Kreisky and Birgit Sauer (eds.), Gender Relations in the Context of Political Transformation, 1997: 137-151.


  • The German State and Feminist Politics: A Double Gender Marginalization, in: Social Politics, Volume 3, Numbers 2-3, Summer/Fall 1996: 159-184.


  • The German Political Party System and the Contagion from the Right, in: Russell J. Dalton and Andrei Markovitz (eds.), Special Issue: German Politics and Society, Spring 1995: 62-78.
  • Staat, Ökonomie und Geschlecht (State, Economy, and Gender), in: Eva Kreisky/Birgit Sauer (eds.), Feministische Standpunkte in der Politikwissenschaft. Eine Einführung. (Feminist Standpoints in Political Science. An Introduction). Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 1995.


  • Asynchronitäten der deutsch-deutschen Frauenbewegung (The Non-Synchronization of the East and West German Women's Movements), in: Prokla, March 1994: 49-63.

  • Co-author with Myra Marx Ferree, Three Steps Back for Women: German Unification, Gender and University 'Reform', in: PS: Political Science and Politics, Volume XXVI:2, June 1993: 199-205.
  • Nothing but Gloom: Women and Academia in the New Germany, in: German Politics, 2:1, April 1993: 62-77.
  • German translation in: Feministische Studien, May 1993:1:8-20, Title: Deutsche Vereinigung. Der Abwicklungsskandal an ostdeutschen Universitäten und seine Folgen für Frauen.

  • Der Staat - eine 'Männerdomäne?' Überlegungen zur feministischen Staatsanalyse, (The State - a 'Sphere of Males?' Reflections on a Feminist State Analysis), in: Elke Biester, Brigitte Geißel, Sabine Lang, Birgit Sauer, Petra Schäfter, Brigitte Young (eds)., Staat aus_Feministischer Sicht (The State from a Feminist Perspective), Berlin: Working Group “Politics and Gender,” German Association for Political Science (DVPW), 1992: 7-18.
  • Co-author with Elke Biester and Birgit Sauer, Conference Report, in: Beate Kohler-Koch (ed.), Staat und Demokratie in Europa (State and Democracy in Europe) 18th Scientific Congress of the German Association for Political Science, Leverkusen: Leske + Budrich, 1992: 419-423.
  • Die Entscheidung für Wüstensturm. Die Rationalität der Befehlshaber (The Decision for Desert Storm. The Rationality of the Commanders), in: Das Argument, 192 (March/April 1992): 278-281.

  • Co-author with Christoph Scherrer, Die kriegerische Erneuerung der "pax Americana"? Gedanken zu den innen- und außenpolitischen Dimensionen der US-Intervention am Golf (The Military Renewal of the "Pax Americana"? Some Thoughts on the Domestic and Foreign Dimensions of the US-Intervention in the Gulf), in: Peripherie, No. 42, August, 1991: 47-61.
  • The Dairy Industry: >From Yeomanry to the Institutionalization of Multilateral Governance, in: John L. Campbell, J. Rogers Hollingsworth, Leon N. Lindberg (eds.), The Governance of the American Economy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.

  • Does the American Dairy Industry Fit the Meso-Corporatist Model?, in: Political Studies, March 1990: 72-82.


  • Co-author with Leon N. Lindberg and J. Rogers Hollingsworth, The Governance of the American Dairy Industry: From Regional Dominance to Regional Cleavage, in: William D. Coleman and Henry J. Jacek, (eds.), Regionalism, Business Interests and Public Policy, London: Sage Publications, l989.


  • Co-author with Jill Shore Auburn, Energy, Fertilizer and Grain Production in the USSR: Key Linkages, in: U.S. Congressional Joint Economic Committee Report, Soviet Economy in the 1980s: Problems and Prospects, Part 2, December 1982: 141-170.

    3b. Selected Book/Journal Reviews:

  • Haleh Afshar and Stephanie Barrientos (eds.), Women, Globalization and Fragmentation in the
    Developing World, New York: St. Martin’s Press (1999), in: Feminist Economics 7(3), 2001: 148-153.
  • Bob Jessop, State Theory: Putting Capitalist States in their Place, London: Polity Press, 1990; Review in: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 16/1, 1992: 149-151.
  • Bob Woodward, 1991, The Commanders, Review in: Das Argument, No. 192, 1992: 278-281. (in German)
  • Co-author with Christoph Scherrer
    Bob Jessop, State Theory: Putting Capitalist States in their Place, London: Polity Press, 1990; Review in: Das Argument, No. 194, 1992: 644-646. (NOT a translation of the English review).


  • What does Shareholder-Value Mean? In: die Tageszeitung, March 8th, 2004, pg. 16.
  • Against the “Homo Oeconomicus” and “Growth is Female”, Documentation of the Federal Women’s Conference of Coalition 90/The Greens, 5-7th March, 2004. Frankfurt.
  • 5th WTO Ministerial Meeting. Perspectives for Women after Cancun. In: Zweiwochendienst. Frauen and Politik. No. 201/2003: 14-15.
  • Globalization – What To Do About It? (Globalisierung – Was Tun?, in: AEP Information, Feministische Zeitschrift für Politik und Gesellschaft, 4/2002: 7 – 9.
  • Women as Economic Factor. Growth is female! In: Wirtschaftsspiegel, September 1, 2002: 12-14.
  • Economic Potential Women. Growth is female. In: Wirtschaftsreport Siegen, 12/2002: 2-6.
  • with Hella Hoppe
    Gender Perspective in the Study Commission of the German Parliament on “Globalization of the World Economy – Challenges and Responses”, Newsletter International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE), Vol. 12, No. 2, 2002: 9.
  • The Enquete-Commission of the German Parliament “Globalisation of the World Economy –
    Challenges and Answers” and the Gender Question, in: Newsletter efas (economics feminism and science, No. 4/2002: 6.
  • with Simon Hegelich
    Die spekulative Erwartung exorbitanter Umsätze. Shareholder –Value – Standortpolitik
    Im Schatten der USA (Speculative Expectations of excessive yields. Shareholder Value -
    Industrial Politics in the Shadow of the USA), Frankfurter Rundschau, Documentation,
    August 9, 2001: 7.
  • Die Welt ist zehn Jahre alt (The World is ten years old), in: Jungle World, Wochenzeitung, 16. Juni 1999: 16-18.


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